Privacy policy

Owner and manager of the website:
Official company name: Tiskarna Radovljica d.o.o.
Head office: Ljubljanska cesta 56, 4240 Radovljica

Use, scope and purpose of storage and processing of data
We store and process personal data for the purposes of maintaining contact with customers, sending marketing information via e-mail, promoting sales and profiling customers with the aim of offering customised content and products to customers via e-mail and websites. Upon the sending of an e-mail, we record the display of the messages received and the clicks on the links in the messages on the individual's page. In order to improve and better target our products and services, as well as to adapt further messages, we automatically process, analyse, profile and evaluate customers' interest in the messages sent. We do not make automated decisions based on the data recorded and profiles created.

For the purpose of notification via e-mail, we store the following data:
email address
telephone number.
We collect personal data with the express consent of individuals. We store individual consents together with their content and the content of the form through which they were obtained.

Data export
Personal data collected is stored in the territory of the Republic of Slovenia and is never exported to other countries.

Retention period
We store the personal data of individuals until the consent for the storage and processing of data is revoked. In the event that an individual revokes their consent their personal data will be immediately and permanently deleted.

If our company ceases the activities described above for which we store and process personal data, we will immediately and permanently delete the data collected for this purpose.

We retain data on the display of received messages and clicks on links in received messages for 12 months after the message has been sent.

How we protect personal data
We only provide content and information and never ask for credit card numbers or other information that could be misused by cybercriminals. The website is hosted on a secure web server with a verified web service provider. We regularly update the website. The website is subject to regular security checks and forms of protection by the online service provider.

We use the personal data collected exclusively for the aforementioned purposes, i.e. for our own marketing and informing users. We do not forward the data to third parties, other than partners who help us maintain the website, but who are obliged to protect personal data under the same conditions as those that apply to Tiskarna Radovljica d.o.o.

In exceptional cases, we may, in accordance with the law, forward your personal data to state and security authorities, in the event an official request is made to forward personal data.

Individual rights
Individuals can request the following in relation to their data at any time:

total deletion,
transfer to another provider of related services,
cessation of processing and storage or revocation of consent for processing and storage, without affecting the legality of the processing, which is performed based on consent until its revocation
A request can be sent by e-mail to, headed 'UNSUBSCRIBE - termination of use of personal data' or in writing by post to the company headquarters.

In the event that our company would like to further process personal data for a purpose other than that for which the personal data was collected, we will provide the individual with information about this other purpose and any further relevant information prior to further processing of the data as defined in this document.

In the event that an individual believes that our company has infringed their rights in any way in relation to the protection of their personal data, a complaint may be filed with the supervisory authority – the Information Commissioner in the Republic of Slovenia:
Information Commissioner of the Republic of Slovenia, Zaloška 59, 1000 Ljubljana,

Tiskarna Radovljica d.o.o. respects your privacy and in accordance with the legislation (Act on the Protection of Personal Data ZVOP-1, Official Journal of the Republic of Slovenia No. 86/04 and GDPR), therefore, we ensure that on the website all the necessary measures are carried out for the protection and ethical handling of personal data.

Should you require any further information in relation to the personal data protection policy of the company Tiskarna Radovljica d.o.o. you can write to us at

We retain individuals' personal data until the consent for data storage and processing is revoked. In the event that an individual revokes consent then their personal data will be immediately and permanently deleted.


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